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Alain Bédard

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Alain Bédard, painter

Alain Bédard is a painter of Quebec City.  He enjoys observing the spirit in people, the movement, the colours, and the scents. Inspired by his trips to Europe and the local architecture, his canvases are filled with colour, movement and light.

Alain Bédard - Urban Chronicles
Date and place of birth
Alain Bédard was born in Quebec, in 1958.
Background and career 
Passionate about drawing and illustration, he began studying art at Collège Ste-Foy in 1976, with a major in graphic design. After studying graphic arts for 3 years, he moved to New York to perfect his abilities. This trip opened his eyes to the world and introduced him to major artists such as Dali and Picasso. Driven by the need to perfect his art, he went on to study graphic design at Université Laval, where he was fortunate enough to have a great modern painter, Claude A. Simard, as his illustration teacher. Simard, whom he would later count among his friends and mentors.
Alain Bédard, painter
After graduating from university, he worked for several advertising agencies as an illustrator, designer and graphic artist, while pursuing his career as an artist. In 1985, he decided to set up his own graphic design firm. Since then, Alain has exhibited his work extensively throughout Quebec, as well as in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. He is a professional member of the Regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec (RAAV). Since 1992, he has devoted himself essentially to painting and art promotion.

Today, Alain Bédard divides his time between the Old Capital and Nice, and distinguishes himself through his colorful, luminous and lively works.
Alain Bédard, painter
His work and art
Alain Bédard describes himself as "an artist motivated by the need to express his emotions and discoveries through color''. As a result, figurative art has always been his way of living and communicating.

On his urban walks and travels, he likes to observe the people who live in the city, their daily energy and the liveliness that emanates from them. He uses his talent to express these emotions in his paintings. Inspired by his European adventures and the timeless scenery of Old Quebec, his paintings are full of color and movement. Everywhere, from the flowers on the terraces to the winter light on the skating rink, colors blend and beauty emerges.

Alain Bédard likes to use all his senses to portray what he sees, what he lives, the encounters he has made and how it makes him feel. For him, painting is a unique opportunity to capture moments in life and freeze them forever. His work exudes a welcoming energy, and the buildings in his urban landscapes seem to come to life on his canvas.

Alain Bédard is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since September 2021.