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Christine Nadeau

Christine Nadeau, signature

Christine Nadeau, painter

Christine Nadeau, painter, was born in 1964 in the Quebec City area, where she still lives. Passionate about landscape and marine scenes, her acrylic work is characterized by a warm colour palette and strong contrasts. In her paintings, a profusion of broad brushstrokes are combined and organized in a harmonious structure.

Christine Nadeau; A Testimony to the Beauty of the World

Date and place of birth
Born in 1964 in Quebec City, Christine Nadeau still lives there.

Background and career
From a very young age, Christine has always sought to express herself through art. Holder of a bachelor's degree in visual arts from Laval University, it is primarily as a graphic designer that she chooses to express her artistic sense. She founded an advertising company, which she then ran for 15 years, while painting in her spare time. Parallel to her career in graphic design and studies in psychology, she developed her practice of oil painting, then acrylic. In 2005, her passion for painting won her over; she abandoned graphic design to devote herself full-time to her art. Since then, everything has come together for the artist, who now sees her works exhibited across the country.

After more than 15 years of oil handling, the discovery of acrylic was a revelation. Two mediums can be seen through my work. Oil has left me a legacy that acrylic benefits from. "
Christine Nadeau, painter

Work and art
Christine Nadeau joyfully displays her personality on her canvases with passion, intensity, spontaneity and contrasts.
“As I like contrasts and my character is direct and without half measures, the construction of my work is based on these opposites and this on several levels, in particular my frequent use of hot-cold, light dark, contrasts of quantity and complementary colours. When I express something, I like to express it thoroughly: the sun is always bright, the emotion is frank, nothing is static. I seek to convey light, life, joy and movement in my paintings. 

Tied to traditional values and excited by the search for novelty, she always dares to blend the old nuances with more daring colours. Her large brushstroke associated to acrylic, which dries quickly, serves her spontaneity quite well. Her favourite subjects are spring scenes where snow contrasts with the heat of the sun, flamboyant autumn landscapes and seascapes where light plays a prominent role.

Drawing a parallel between a river and human strength, between a country path and a life path, the artist happily assumes the contemplative character of her work. Her subjective expression of the world most often overlaps with her emotional perception, as revealed by the titles of her works: Mirage; Les attachements; Une île, un refuge; Quiétude, etc.

With her, a good mastery of composition and drawing creates an organized framework where free and harmonious expression can evolve.

Christine Nadeau is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since March 2018, exclusively for Quebec.