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Cyril Cox

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Cyril Cox, signing

Cyril Cox, painter | Available works | Au P'tit Bonheur Art GalleryCyril Cox paints works characterized by a vibrant use of colour and a mastery of light, typically in oil on canvas. He is an artist from Toronto that appreciates nature and wildlife, and pays tribute to them with realism and passion.

Date and place of birth
Cyril Cox was born in 1958 in Toronto, Ontario.

Background and Career
Cyril exhibited an appreciation for nature and wildlife at an early age. By the time he was 14 years old, his artistic talents were already being formulated. It was through his art that he found a way to not only capture his intimate relationship with nature, but to instill a comparable intimacy within the viewer of his works. So began the career of Cyril Cox.

Predominantly self taught, Cyril studied graphic design and illustration briefly, only to return to the canvas to paint. His career as a fine artist officially launched in 1989 when he won the much coveted ‘Best of Show’ honours at the National Canadian Chrysler Wildlife Competition. Numerous awards and acknowledgements followed. In 1998, Cyril pursued his dream, devoting his life to his art.

Work and art
Cyril Cox is best known for his riverscapes and landscape paintings. Dramatic lighting is key for him, for he feels that nothing can create emotion or feeling in a painting like a certain light quality. Cox certainly displays his deep understanding of light and its relationship with the surrounding landscape in each of his paintings. He paints with such beautiful accuracy what one can almost smell the fresh air within each scene.

Cyril can often be found with his camera in hand, searching for new subjects. Whether it is a landscape, a portrait or a wildlife piece, Cyril paints with the hope of communicating his own thoughts, emotions, and passions, and in doing so, guarantees that the viewer’s interpretation is equally as moving. One is drawn not only ‘to’ his work, but more powerfully, ‘into’ his work.

A master of light, Cyril’s style and versatility easily captures the uncomplicated beauty that surrounds us.
And, it is through the paintings of Cyril Cox that one can not help but acknowledge and appreciate the things that are so often taken for granted. In Cyril’s eyes, this is but the true measure of his success.

Cyril Cox is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since November 2021, exclusively for Quebec.