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Dennis Magnusson

Dennis Magnusson, signing

Dennis Magnusson, painter

Dennis Magnusson is an artist from the greater Vancouver area who has become best known for his realistic, larger-than-life depictions of flowers. His acrylic paintings are bursting with color and spill over the canvas, amplifying the beauty and drama of his subjects.

Dennis Magnusson - Sunflowers

Date and place of birth
Dennis Magnusson was born in 1945 in a small rural community in North-Eastern Alberta. Raised on a farm with four siblings and loving parents, Dennis’s early life was happy and secure, setting a strong foundation for his future.

Background and career
Dennis moved to Edmonton after high school, and his art ambitions were put on hold for several years. He studied Electronics, became an officer in the Canadian Army and got married. Then, his career in Telecommunications moved him to Vancouver but he also lived in Kingston, Montreal, and Ottawa, travelling extensively in Canada, US and Europe. In year 2000, after a successful career in the business world, Dennis opted for early retirement in order to devote all his time and energy to his art.

Now living in the greater Vancouver area, Dennis is deeply inspired by the beauty of the west-coast’s parks, established neighbourhoods and flower gardens. He devotes his full attention to his art career, painting daily and collecting reference photographs on his walks and travels.

Dennis Magnusson is represented by galleries in Western Canada, Quebec and Hawaii. His vibrant paintings can be found in many private collections across Canada, the US, and internationally.

Work and art
Dennis Magnusson paints larger-than-life, realistic portraits of flowers. His acrylic paintings are large and bright, over-flowing the canvas; boldly over-stating the beauty and drama of the flowers, whether simple and common, or exotic and complex.

From the delicate shape of a ladyslipper to the velvety petals of a rose or the striking form of a sunflower, his paintings have a "wow!" factor. Vibrant colour combined with careful composition give his art work a distinctive, modern edge.

Dark backgrounds may include a hint of foliage but the flower subject has many subtle shades of colour built up by numerous thin layers of paint. Some areas have as many as 8 layers of paint, giving a real sense of depth. The viewer’s total attention is focused on the flower. Soft curves and sharp edges add life and movement to the subject.

Dennis Magnusson is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since December 2011, exclusively for Eastern Canada.