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Madeleine Tailor

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Madeleine Tailor, painter

Madeleine Tailleur was born in 1946 in Montreal, Quebec. Her canvases, poetic visions of the past and the present, are often animated with delicacy by the figures of young women resembling muses, ancestors, guardian angels. Transparency, luminosity and fluidity characterize his works.

Madeleine Tailleur - The faces of the imagination
His date and place of birth
Madeleine Tailleur was born in Montreal in 1946.

His education, his career
Madeleine Tailleur first began her studies at Collège Marguerite Bourgeoys. Then, she joined the workshops of Georges de Rome and Alex Bertrand. Since 1975, she knows how to free herself from all influence and forge a personal style while creating an original palette in her favorite medium: oil. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries since the early 1980s.

His work, his art
Madeleine Tailleur's works take us to the frontier of reality or, if you like, to the threshold of the imaginary. When we cross this threshold, we are immediately seduced by a poetic world, rich in emotions and sensations, but we are also led to question ourselves about the essential values ​​and the deep meaning of life. We can say that the artist hesitates between what his eyes perceive and what his imagination gives him a glimpse of.

Madeleine Tailleur resembles her works: one perceives in her a strong personality, well anchored in reality, but her delicacy and her gaze suggest a great softness, an extreme sensitivity and an intense inner life.

The transparency and vaporous luminosity of his characters, the delicate shades blending into each other and the subtlety of the lines that only suggest allow us to discover here and there, beyond the reality of the canvas, other faces , essential to the integrity of the work. Indeed, his paintings, poetic visions of the past and the present, are often animated with delicacy of figures of young women similar to muses, ancestors, guardian angels...

Madeleine Tailleur has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since 2008.