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Maryann Hendriks

Maryann Hendriks, signing

Maryann Hendriks, painter

Maryann Hendriks translates her love of flowers into a beautifully abstract rendering of her subject matter. His "contemporary" still lifes combine varied textures, a unique brushstroke and an exploded palette of joyful colors. She lives in Cambridge, Ontario.

Maryann Hendriks - Succulent Flowers

His date and place of birth
Maryann Hendriks was born in 1964 in Dorchester, a town in southwestern Ontario. She now resides in Cambridge, Ontario.

His education, his career
As a teenager, Maryann was introduced to many artistic disciplines at HB Beal Technical School (Bealart), a trade school renowned for the excellence of its visual arts program. After completing her secondary studies there, she obtained her diploma in Photography at Fanshawe College. For several years, she pursued her artistic approach through various personal projects, then with the support of a well-known mentor, the Canadian painter Robert Genn.

For several years, Maryann worked as an entrepreneur, but still aspired to a professional career in painting. The year 2005 marks an important milestone; she settled in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, and took advantage of this change to embark on the great adventure of life as an artist. Progressing through different styles such as reinterpreting the traditional Canadian landscape, then experimenting with abstraction, she finds her own way of expressing herself with her brightly colored semi-abstract still lifes. Since then, her love for flowers has been in charge!

Maryann has exhibited frequently with the Federation of Canadian Artists, which granted her signatory member status in 2008. In 2015, she also acquired member status with the Society of Canadian Artists.

His work, his art
Maryann Hendriks paints floral themes in a unique, instantly recognizable style. Her mixed-media works are characterized by solid drawing, fluid yet bold textures, gestural compositions, bright, luscious colors, and confident brushwork. The result is a dynamic expression filled with joy and vitality.

Using paint and various acrylic-based mediums, Maryann develops her works using a multi-layered technique. She approaches her painting with a thick layer of texture and color, applied in broad strokes, deep marks and generous washes to the surface of the canvas. Then the layers of paint follow one another, overlapping in some areas of the painting and not in others. Then, a series of textured effects, reliefs, cut out the subject, magnifying the motif until it becomes undeniably dominant. Finally, she finishes with the application of a high gloss medium that accentuates the variations in the finish of the canvas.

Over the years, Maryann has forged a language of her own, the reflection of her free spirit and her audacity. And as the artist gladly points out that her work leans a little more towards abstraction with each new series of paintings, we can guess that she hasn't finished surprising us!

Maryann Hendriks has been represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since December 2016, exclusively for Quebec.