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Shelley Mitchell

Shelley Mitchell, signing

Shelley Mitchell, painter

Shelley Mitchell was born in 1952 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She divides her time between her hometown and Lunenburg, always on the lookout for beautiful boats to paint. She is particularly drawn to the early and late light of the day - when the colors are rich and the shadows deep, she likes to linger on the surface of the water.

Shelley Mitchell - as the water flows

Date and place of birth
Shelley Mitchell was born in 1952 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, she splits her time between Halifax and Lunenburg.

Background and career
Shelley Mitchell started as an architectural draftsperson and project manager, a career she pursued for many years before returning to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Painting and Art History. Since then, she has shown professionally throughout the Maritime Provinces, Quebec, Ontario and Maine.

Work and art
The physical presence of Atlantic Canada, with its ever-changing atmosphere and diversity of land and sea and shore, moves Mitchell to paint continuously. Each part of the day and every change in the weather give her inspiration. She is drawn to that thoughtful light at the edges of the day when colours are dramatic and shadows are deep.

In her work, a boat reflects itself imperfectly or more astonishingly, perfectly in the water, creating a compelling symphony of colours, lines and textures. The graceful spread of the paint colours’ reflection over the water’s surface is reminiscent of the intricate folds of rich fabrics.
Mitchell goes to great lengths to find lovely handcrafted boats to paint. In the summer, she is constantly on the lookout as she sails through Nova Scotia and Maine. She also makes at least one trip down to the New England coast each and gladly drives or sails to remote (and not so remote) harbours in search of small boatyards and marinas.

To Shelley Mitchell, boats are exotic symbols of freedom, adventure, and pleasure. She is entranced by the elegance of their design. This is particularly true for tenders and other small boats which are very often hand made with care, craftsmanship and the best materials. Whether she finds these boats abandoned, working, idle or imagined, the extraordinary personality and loveliness of each one moves her to paint them much as artists have always painted the human figure: as a deeply meaningful object.

“What I want from a painting is a moment in time that shares my experience of that day surrounded by water, light and magic, a gift to myself and others. "
-Shelley Mitchell

Her realist art conveys a powerful emotional message. Her paintings embody serenity, balance, and an escape into a tranquil moment.

Shelley Mitchell is represented by the Au P'tit Bonheur Art Gallery since November 2020, exclusively for Quebec.